Founder Mr Ross Andrews

I grew up in Northern England, and I started smoking at the age of eleven by the age of thirteen I was fully addicted to cigarettes so much that I had a part time job before school helping to deliver milk to people’s doorsteps so I could pay for the habit of smoking. As I grew older I became aware of how bad smoking was for me both health wise and financial cost so I tried to stop smoking.


I tried to quit for years, I tried cold turkey, then I would have a bet with friends so that it would cost me a lot of money to have my first cigarette that didn’t work, I would try smoking less and less each day that didn’t work, I used nicotine chewing gum no effect, nicotine spray, nicotine patches nicotine lozenges all of them did not work for me. I new how bad smoking was for me but I still couldn’t stop.


I then tried Hypnotherapy and I gave up smoking instantly. I could not believe how good it was to be a smoke free person all thanks to hypnotherapy. I became really interested in hypnotherapy and started to study how it works. Basically there are two sides of the human mind conscious which is what we plan to do now and the subconscious mind which controls all our automatic things like breathing, walking talking and habits. Hypnotherapy is all about communicating with the subconscious mind and reprogramming it. I studied while I was in England, then I relocated to Australia.


When we relocated to the Gold Coast I needed to get a job and I became a sales person, this was really good for a few years to help get our new life in Australia up and running. But then I went through a rough patch I just couldn’t get any sales and I was very close to loosing my job, I tried everything but nothing would work in a last attempt to keep my job I decided to see a hypnotherapist to see if that would help and as if by magic the following month I was sales person of the month.


Because of my experience I decided to study Hypnotherapy again and got my certificates and started my own business helping other people to quit smoking using hypnotherapy.

I have helped people with sleeping problems, sales motivation, confidence building and even nail biting, but I specialise in helping people to quit smoking.


The reason I chose to specialise in quitting smoking is because of my own experience, I know exactly what a smoker is going to go through and I help them to become smoke free. I use a blend of hypnotherapy, NLP and time line therapy to help the client to become a smoke free person.


I know from my own personal experience what it is like to be controlled by cigarettes yes I use the word controlled because they do control you. When ever I was in a no smoking area all I could think about is when I can get out and have a smoke.


I can’t explain how much satisfaction I get from every client who successfully quits smoking, my job is to help people become healthier and have more money in their pockets so needless to say it’s an absolute win win situation.