"I tried many times to stop smoking lots of different methods but thanks to hypnotherapy I am now a non smoker. The main difference between hypnotherapy and the other methods was I felt much more relaxed and actually proud to be not smoking instead of being angry. I can’t imagine ever touching a cigarette again."

Paul Hill.

“I came to Broadbeach Hypnotherapy with a lot of issues revolving around my anxiety. I can’t express how wonderful it was to work with such a caring and experienced Hypnotherapist.”I would like to recommend Broadbeach Hypnotherapy not only for helping me to stop smoking but really improving my life in lots of ways. I am now a smoke free person and I am feeling better in every way. My whole outlook in life is so much more positive now. I think I used to feel so down because I didn’t want to smoke knowing that it was bad for me, so when I did smoke I felt like a failure. I am now actually achieving my goals and I am a very proud smoke free person. Thanks Broadbeach Hypnotherapy for everything."

Christine White

“Thanks Broadbeach Hypnotherapy I still find it hard to believe that I am a non smoker now, I feel fantastic, once again thank you.”


"I would just like everyone to know about my quit smoking experience. I have known Ross and his wife for a long time as friends long before he started Broadbeach Hypnotherapy. After some discussion I decided to try hypnotherapy to quit smoking, I will admit I wasn’t convinced before the session maybe because I have known Ross before he was a hypnotherapist, Ross was very professional and I am amazed by the result, I had one session for about one and a half hours and I have not smoked since. This was over a year ago.
Thanks Ross"


I have been trying to give up smoking for years, I had given up quitting I have tried that many different ways. Then I saw an advert on Facebook for Broadbeach Hypnotherapy so I gave the number a call. I made an appointment had my session and I am now a proud non smoker, I also downloaded an app on my phone called my quit buddy this calculates health benefits but more important to me how much money I had saved.
Within 3 months I saved enough money for a holiday in Cambodia and I booked my holiday straight away and had a great time.
Thanks Ross I guess I owe you a holiday.


"This was my first experience of hypnosis and I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect. I guess I was thinking it was going to be knocked out like a general anaesthetic and that I wouldn’t have a clue about what happened. To my surprise I was aware of everything that was going on it was a very nice experience, but more importantly I have not had a smoke since. Thanks very much."


"My Nana, Grandfather, Dad and one of my uncles all died because of smoke related diseases. I presumed that I would be like them because I smoked 40 to 50 cigarettes per day and couldn’t imagine actually giving up smoking. I was told by my Doctor after my health was going down hill rapidly. So I booked in for Hypnotherapy and I quit smoking. I had to work at it as well, hypnotherapy is not magic, it’s a help and hypnotherapy combined with me aiming for my goals and staying positive my life has completely changed.
Since stopping smoking I am so much healthier, my blood pressure is much better, I don’t use my inhaler very often, my Doctor says I might be able to stop taking my Diabetes pills soon. It’s a true life changing experience."

Andrea Gold Coast.


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